If a CD you want is not set up in our checkout system, you can send us an email listing your wants and can pay with VISA/MC/PAYPAL or remit by postal mail.  If you send payment by PAYPAL, just specify the payee to be EsotericTT@aol.com.  If you use a credit card, please supply us with the card number, expiration date, and 3-digit security code on the back of the card.  Always include your name, address and phone #.  If you want to email us your CC info, it is recommended that for more security the info, it be sent via two emails

 For ordering information please use US Mail, Phone or Email

US Mail to:

Esoteric Sound
1608 Hemstock Ave.
Wheaton, Ill 60189

Phone: 630-933-9801

Fax Machine: 630-933-9801
Punch '#' then '99' if you hear a recording

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