The first cut is always the recording played normally with no noise reduction. For disc records, only the playback compensation was adjusted with the REK-O-KUT RE-EQUALIZER II for most accurate play. The second cut is the recording as processed thru the REK-O-KUT DEHISSER. The third cut is the recording as processed with a CEDAR Duo Auto Dehiss processor.

Please be aware of a particular psychoacoustic effect. When listening to recordings with high frequency noise, we also perceive more highs than are actually present. We tend to associate the two. When the noise is removed, we perceive that the highs are also removed.

The playlist is:

1 - 3, Mercury SR90266, 33 rpm LP. Tchaikovsky: Piano Concerto #1. Hiss removal.

4 - 6, RCA LSC2068, 33 rpm LP. Rachmaninoff: Piano Concerto #2. Hiss removal.

7 - 9, London LPS-177, 33 rpm LP. Gillis: Sym 5-1/2. Demonstrates hiss removal, and Lo-Cut Filter of DEHISSER. This record is plagued by European 50 Hz hum.

10 - 12, MGM STA-4288, 4-Track Tape. Baker Street. Demonstrates hiss removal.

13 - 15, RCA BCS-31, 2-Track Tape. Liszt: Piano Concerto. Demonstrates hiss removal.

16 - 18, Audio Fidelity FCST 50003, 2-Track Tape. Berlioz: Sym Fantastique. Hiss removal.

19 - 21, 78 rpm home recording from WLS announcer, Jack Brinkley - Hubbah, Hubbah. Hiss removal and Lo-Cut Filter of DEHISSER

22 - 24, Bluebird B11429, 78 rpm record. Glenn Miller Band. Hiss removal.

25 - 27, Keynote DM1, 78 rpm record. Stravinksy: Dumbarton Oaks Concerto. Hiss removal.

28- 30, Columbia 67837, 78 rpm record. Sibelius: Karelia Suite. Demonstrates hiss removal.

31 - 33, Hifi Demonstration, 16" NBC Radio transcription. Groove switch & hiss removal.  Severe distortion on one groove wall due to bad cutting stylus.

34 - 36, DOT 15412 , 78 rpm record. Gale Storm. Demonstrates hiss removal & groove wall selection of DEHISSER.  Severe distortion on one groove wall due to wear.

37 - 39, Motion picture sound track recording. Demonstrates hiss removal.