Esoteric Sound Return Information


Information We Need - Please Include This Form With Your Return

Please fill out the form below and print it.   Then, include it with the product you have returned.  This will allow us to quickly charge and return your product once it is repaired.  Please note that we will have to charge for return shipping on product returned that has been found not to have a problem.  "No Problem Found" accounts for a large amount product returned.  This is usually because the equipment was incorrectly connected to the customer's existing installation, or some other item was defective.

Safe Shipping

Please follow our instructions for safe shipping of product. For electronic equipment please try to use original packaging.  For turntables, please refer to our Support page for details on how to ship a turntable.

Information We Need

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Information You Need

  • All return shipments are via FEDEX ground unless otherwise requested.
  • Original boxes we receive may not be returned unless requested.
  • Payments by personal check or money order may delay return shipments as it takes time for them to clear.