S-320 MKII or S-990 Arm Mounting To Some Rek-O-Kut and Empire Turntables

Mounting an arm to a metal deck is a more complicated version of mounting to a wooden or fiber top.  The latter are much easier, but similar methods apply.  There were a larger number of variations in Rek-O-Kut turntables than Empire turntables, but similar principals apply.   You will almost always have to drill new mounting holes.

The first thing to do is to double check the mounting dimensions.  The S-320 MKII mounts at almost exactly the same distance as original Rek-O-Kut 12 inch (record) arms.













You may try using an existing Empire arm's base.  It is only a tad bigger.   A wrap of Mylar tape around the new arm's pillar will snug it up if you are concerned.

Before proceeding, please be aware that we now offer the 5882 mounting base to minimize this work.   It has a slightly larger flange and can possibly cover up some holes from previous arms.  It does not require enlarging the hole from a previous Empire arm. 

The MKII  mounting base requires a slightly larger mounting hole, as its bottom extends into the base.   By the way,  you can turn the standard base over and use it that way.  That would eliminate opening up the existing hole and you may find the slightly odd cosmetic change not of importance. 

Here is how to enlarge the hole to accept the new mounting base:

To protect the cosmetics from inadvertent tool digs, generously tape the surface all around the work area.

The MKII arm is usually a few mm longer.   Also the mounting base requires a slightly larger mounting hole. 
Therefore, try to file more in the direction of the corner, that is, away from the spindle of the platter.  This is not too critical
as the mounting of the cartridge can easily compensate for inaccuracy.

Total filing time can take up to half an hour.  Work all sides but try to do more towards the right-rear.

Once finished with the mounting hole.  We must drill 3 new mounting holes for the screws.  So we must use a
center punch or an awl to mark the new hole positions.  Use the MKII base as a template.

Next, drill the 3 holes. 

When the holes are completed, remove all the protective tape and mount the base with the supplied hardware. 
For wooden bases, you may have to purchase appropriate screws at a hardware store.


S-990 Arm Mounting Hints For Empire 598 Turntable

It is suggested that you can use the Original Empire base's arm rest.  You can remove the arm rest of the S-990.  The S-990 arm, being straight will require you to rotated the existing Empire arm rest slightly counter-clockwise.

It is held on by two screws from underneath.  You can try drilling new holes, but you can use a rat-tail file to elongate the holes.  Be sure to NOT clean off all of the heat transfer compound.  If it is not there, you can obtain a compound from your local electronics or computer store. This helps keep the bulb area cooler and preserves its life. You only have to rotate enough for the arm to fit.

To ensure tightness of the arm in the EMPIRE mounting tube you can use a small section of cardboard from the new arm's packaging or use some Hillman 839810 Mylar material, found at Home Depot stores.  Just wrap it around the arm's mounting to form and almost complete circle.