Each selection is presented as:

1) raw from the record
2) with SNR noise removal ($425.00 approx.)
3) with Packburn Noise removal ($2,650.00 approx.)(now out of production)
4) with Cedar Decrackler ($7,000.00 approx.)

78 RPM Records:

Tracks 1 to 4, A Tune For Humming, Woody Herman, COL 37953.

Tracks 5 to 8, Benny Goodman Quintette, COL 78.

Tracks 9 to12, Unknown boogie woogie 78.

Tracks 13 to 6, Small jazz combo 78.

Long Playing Vinyl Records:

Tracks 17 to 20, Ballet Music From The Opera, Verdi: Aida, LSC-2400.

Tracks 21 to 24, Marches In Hifi, Tchaikowsky: March, LSC-2229.

Tracks 25 to 28, MacDowell: Piano Concerto, LSC-2507.

Tracks 29 to 32, Ravel: Rhapsody, LSC-1984.

Tracks 33 to 36, Rachmaninoff: Piano Concerto, LSC-2068.

The following selections demonstrate the reduction obtained with our calibration signals. The clicks are from real LP records and are computer multiplied. Each SURFACE NOISE REDUCER is calibrated to produce minimum noise with the first of these signals. As before, the three following tracks demonstrate the noise reduction produced by the three devices.

Tracks 37 to 40: 1 kHz tone with clicks

Tracks 41 tp 44: Clicks by themselves