The following is assuming that something is wrong in the base unit of the turntable.  If that is the case, we have two options:

1) Pack up the turntable the same as you received it, but less the other accessories, and ship it back to us.
Please observe these details..  Do not ship items that are not damaged and that could suffer further damage in shipping.
So keep the following items:

A) The platter
B) The headshell
C) The cartridge
D) The arm counterweight
E) The power cord
F) The dustcover
G)  Pull out the dustcover hinges at the back and keep them also
H) (CVS-16 only) Take the anti-skating mechanism, lightly screw the black retaining screw back down off and keep:
        1) the hanger wire
        2) string and weight

 Use a tie wrap to hold the arm in it's armrest (just as it was originally received)
Wrap up the base in its protective plastic bag and use the foam cushioning to hold it.  However, it will be a bit loose in the box without the dustcover on it.  So, make up the difference with padding of some sort. You can crumple-up several pages of newspaper to make up a nice springy padding.  It is best to double box it as we sent it, but with no dustcover, and good padding inside, it should survive the ordeal.

2) If the original box is not available.  Pack the turntable base in an oversized box with a minimum of about 2 inches clearance on all sides.  Use a tie wrap to hold the arm in it's armrest (just as it was originally received).  Use lots of padding around all sides, top and bottom.  Crumpled balls of single sheets of newspaper can work well for this purpose, so will bubble-wrap, sponge rubber, etc.  If you use Styrofoam "peanuts," put the base into a plastic and closed bag first.  Observe items A to H above.

Ship to:

Esoteric Sound

1608 Hemstock Ave.

Wheaton, IL 60189