The Garrard pusher-style record changer is just about the only record changer that can reliable handle even beater 78s.  It can drop ten 78 RPM records, while Dual and others will limit at 6 - 7 discs.  Most record changers will drop two V-Discs at a time or jam because V-Discs are generally thinner.

DISC TYPE                        1940's 78RPM            V-DISC

THICKNESS (IN)                       0.064                    0.039

RANGE                                 0.071 - 0.091        0.036 - 0.068

You will notice that 78 RPM records are fairly consistent and that V-Discs are not.  However, we have to make the record changer handle records that are 0.025 inches thinner than the average record.  To accomplish this two things are required:

1)  Adjust the spindle to pass only thinner records

2)  Adjust the Pusher/Platform to push only thinner records


You should not do this unless you have a spare.  One should me marked and left in original condition for all standard recrods.  You can obtain a used spindle on EBAY, often for about $12.00.

To bend the spindle, you must place the bottom half into vice, held to just below the bend. To prevent marring the spindle, you are advised to use a pair of wooden pieces on either side.  You will then have to give the top half a whack with a hammer. To do do this without damaging the spindle, place a 1 inch thick piece of wood just over the bend, and below the stagger.  You will strike the wood piece to ensure that the bend is sharper and does not wreck the stagger.  Start with a mild blow, check with the standard spindle and continue as required.  You want to increase the bend such that the tip has moved about 5/64 inches.


Raising the record stack on the platform effectively makes the "pusher" thinner.  A removable clip can do this.

This will require tin snips and a sheet of 0.025" aluminum.  The aluminum can be obtained at most hardware stores.  All dimensions are in inches.


A small percentage of V-Discs, like almost all Columbia pressings should be played with the standard spindle and no clip attached.  So, you will have to pull all the thick ones and play them together.  You should be able to do this by eye.  For all the rest of the V-Discs, exchange spindles and attach the clip.