You see lots of ads for USB Turntables. But are they right for you? Check out what to look for below to see if they can do the job for you.

It's really about:

1.) The quality of the digital sound you're going to get.

2.) The ease of editing, i.e., getting each song separated into tracks so you can keep the ones you want and delete the ones you don't.

When you plug in a USB turntable, you deactivate the sound card in your computer and use the the USB sound card instead. However, 99% of home computers already have a perfectly good sound card, often valued at $70.00 or more.  The input sensitivity of most USB turntables is a little low, which means you will be under-recording.  That means fewer digital bits are generated and audio distortion will be a little higher. 

So why get a turntable system that includes another sound card that you already have?  How many of your hard earned dollars are left for the quality of the turntable, preamp and recording software? Can that integrated USB sound card be as good as the one you already have?

Next, consider this:  Why put the preamp in the turntable? Check out any audiophile turntable. The preamps are always in your receiver or are separate components.  If you already have a hifi setup, most audio receivers have a "Record Out" or "Tape Out" that is used to feed an audio recorder.  So, all you have to do is to plug that into your computer's sound card.   With a USB turntable, you are stuck with the preamp they have built into it at lowest cost possible.  If you don't have a preamp, Esoteric Sound offers a number of very fine preamps.  Click here to see some.

Plus look at this. You need to use a special software workaround play through feature to even hear your sound as you record with a USB sound card.  If you need a computer recording and editing software, you can actually get a fine one from Audacity at:  http://audacity.sourceforge.net/   It's the same or better than that supplied with some USB turntables.

So, use the sound card already in your computer.  Why pay for a 2nd sound card, and cheap preamp?  Spend your money on a quality turntable and superior recording and restoration programs, like Tracer Diamond Cut, rather than on redundant stuff you may already have.



















1) If you are only dealing with LP records, and 45 rpm records, then buy our Rek-O-Kut Professional Moving Magnet Preamp MKIII.

2) If you are only dealing with 78 rpm records or a combination of LP records, and 45 & 78 rpm records, then buy or Rek-O-Kut Audiophile Archival Moving Magnet Preamp MKII.






3) If you are dealing with all sorts of records, of all vintages, then buy our Rek-O-Kut Professional Moving Magnet Preamp MKIII, and our Rek-O-Kut Re-Equalizer II.





4) Want to perform on-the-fly noise reduction without wasting time with computer programs, then buy our Rek-O-Kut DEHISSER.


Why not just convert your turntable with an Iconnex USB converter.  It's explained on this page.

Just connect your turntable to an Iconnex and you're done.  Special price when buying a turntable!