The following example is with a K-33 turntable, ca 1959.  The same basic procedure can be followed with some minor modification,
with any model of turntable.  While in good physical condition its signal to noise ratio was about 38 dB.









First you must remove the belt and motor.  Then remove the motor by taking out the 3 large screws protruding from the top
of the grommets.

Now, remove the grommets, use a medium sized screwdriver with a flat blade and pry each of them out.  At first, it may seem
that they are in there to stay, but stick the screwdriver blade under the grommet lip and pry them down and out.










Next insert the three new grommets making sure they are aligned with the brass eyelets facing upwards.

Then reverse all procedures till the motor is reinstalled.









The turntable used for this example, had a resultant signal to noise ratio of 53 dB.