Normally, only the base unit has to be returned, along with the power adapter.  So:

* Keep the dustcover.

* Keep the platter.

* If the arm is not involved with the problem, remove and keep the arm.

* Never return an arm with its counterweight or cartridge/headshell attached.


* It is best to use the original packaging when returning the Rondine 3.

* It would be best to return the power transformer with the base. It is best to check all parts that may be the problem here. Who knows what might have killed what?

* The same screw that adjusts the height of the arm, is used to remove it. You should have been supplied with a small packet of "L" shaped hex wrenches. One of the larger ones (2.5mm) will fit the set screw in the black arm base. Just loosen the screw and pull out the arm.  Note: an English equivalent is 3/32 hex wrench.

* With the arm out, there should be ample room to stuff the power transformer. Please use its supplied box, but also fill the carton as best as possible with balls of crumpled single sheets of newspaper. place the transformers at the area where the arm formerly was. The balls of newspaper should prevent the transformer banging against the sub-platter.

* A good way of securing the transformer is to tape it against the foam packing material

* Then tape the carton closed. We will send you a PDF for a FEDEX shipping label. You can print it out and drop of the unit at your nearest FEDEX or KINKOS.

* It is best to ship back as little as possible. Things not broken can get broken in shipping. So, the following is like frosting on the cake.  If the problem does not involve the rotating mechanical rotating parts, i.e., you should pull the sub-platter/spindle assembly out and keep it. The spindle would be a bit oily. You could just place the unit on an old water glass till the base is returned, or clean it and keep it safe and put a drop of oil on it when reinserting.

You would also have to wipe the brass bearing cup top to remove as much oil as possible. Then put a wad of tissue inside it and put tape across the mouth to seal it from leaking out.  You only need to put a drops of oil (10W-30 motor oil) on the shaft and 4 into the bearing well when re-assembling.

If sent, there are two ways to handle it;

*Pull the subplatter and put it in a separate box with some padding around it. Put tape over the bearing or push in a paper towel.

* Pull the subplatter up a little, and stick some foam or something soft around the bottom of the platter to keep it up and not bouncing on the ball bearing in the bearing cup.

At this point you could wrap some bubble wrap around the whole thing to keep it from falling out.