1) Do not ship back the dustcover.  It will only get broken in shipping.

2) Remove the counterweight off the arm and keep it.  If shipped it could come off and wreck your turntable in shipping.
    If you have a VINTAGE turntable, the counterweight does not come off, so insert some sort of cushioning material between it and the
    turntable deck.  Small piece of folded cardboard often fits well, this helps prevent breakage should the turntable be dropped in shipping.

3) Unless there is a problem with sound from the record, remove and keep the headshell/cartridge assembly.

4) Use a tie wrap to hold the arm in it's armrest

5) If there is a problem suspected with the headshell/cartridge assembly, remove it and pack it separately in a small box and/or
    wrapped in some cushioning material.

6)  (Ignore this for Rondine Jr, as the light plastic platter is attached to the base by a "C" clip)
    a)  If there is no problem with the heavy metal platter, remove it and keep it, ditto the belt, if it has one.
    b)  If there is a speed problem, include the platter, but wrap it separately in a fold of cardboard of bubble pack and place
         it underneath the base.   

7 If original packing is not available, put the unit in an oversized box with lots of cushioning, please do not use peanuts as they
    can invade every opening of the turntable.  Use bubble wrap, or many balls of single sheets of crumpled newspaper.

Ship to:

Esoteric Sound

1608 Hemstock Ave.

Wheaton, IL 60189