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Balkan Records Vintage Recordings


I have frequently found that masters stored on CDRs and DVDRs, even those made by the oldest and most trusted brands, have gone bad by simply being stored!  These discs were stored in plastic cases, and 65 - 80 degrees room temperature and at low humidity.  Some lasted less than a year! 

It became imperative to find the best and safest media available for optical storage.  Right now, there appears nothing better than MAM-A blanks.  The "-A" stands for ARCHIVE!

Why is gold important? Because Gold is inert and doesn't oxidize like silver alloys.  That's what most others use.

Who is MAM-A? Formerly Mitsui Chemicals of Japan, this American company based in Colorado Springs, CO. has made their mark by building the best archival media in the world. Originally engineered for the Library of Congress, MAM-A Gold is the standard for archivists around the world.

For technical information check out the following:  http://www.mam-a.com/technical_papers


* No other brand has the life proven by laboratory testing as MAM-A
* Expected longevity of 24 Kt. Gold CD-R blanks - 329 years
* 24 Karat Gold
* Phthalocyanine dye
* Made in the USA

TRY THEM NOW.  BUY 5 MAM-Archive with matte writing surface and 700MB/80 min capacity in paper sleeves.

Price: $11.00 (IL Res. add 8.25% IST) + $5.00 shipping


These are two of the most useful archival recordables you will require.  We have a  bulk package off 100, 700 MB (80 minute)
CD-R blanks and a spindle of 50, 4.7 GB (2 hour) DVD-R blanks.   The print surface is white and can be printed all the way to the hub with an inkjet printer .   Both have the highest known longevity of any such product.



On the left is our bulk pack of 100 CD-R blanks


On the right is our spindle of 50 DVD-R blanks



Basic price and shipping for 1-lot purchase of either product is as below.  For expedited delivery or larger orders, please contact us for a price.


100 CD-R Price: $200.00 (IL Res. add 8.25% IST) + $6.50 shipping

50 DVD-R Price: $135.00 (IL Res. add 8.25% IST) + $7.25 shipping



The following software plug-ins are strictly for ProTools windows machines



This removes the sound of ticks, pops and scratches of all sorts that are found in vintage or damaged recordings, either disc, tape, cylinder or movie soundtracks.  You can use it either automatically or use it in a manual mode.

Price: $2478.00 (IL Res. add 7.75% IST) + $24.00 Shipping



This removes tiny, repetitive clicks, the "frying bacon" sounds so
common on 78 rpm discs and damaged discs.   It does not reduce scratches, that
is removed by the CT15 module.

Price: $2478.00 (IL Res. add 7.75% IST) + $24.00 Shipping




This removes basically what is left over from the previous moduls: hiss.  Unlike
all other similar software, the Auto Dehiss module does not require a "noise
print."  It automatically recognizes broadband hiss and reduces it to your setting.

Price: $3278.00 (IL Res. add 7.75% IST) + $27.00 Shipping


ALL CEDAR TOOLS BUNDLE.  In addition to the above, DECLIP, RETOUCH V3, AND DETHUMP are included for
$17,298.00.   You can check here for a detailed description of all CEDAR ProTools plug-in modules.

  Tracer Technology Audio Restoration Software

Tracer TechnologiesThis software will allow you to record audio via your sound card to the hard drive of the computer.   It will then allow you to remove clicks, pops, hiss, surface noise and virtually any other audio disturbances that take away from your listening enjoyment.  It will also provide multiple layers of enhancement, so that in the end, your recordings may sound better than the original.  Lastly, you can edit and line up the recordings (Wave files) in proper sequence, and finally, record the to CD.


  • Sound Card
  •  XP, Vista or W7 - Older versions of Windows, use DC SIX
  • A 100 Meg Hard Disk
  • Mouse

Features of DC EIGHT:

*  Remove clicks, pops, hiss, surface noise, Hum, Buzz, etc. from your favorite audio recordings quickly and easily.
*  You can save to MP3, WMA, FLAC, CD or DVD.
* Law enforcement agencies (that can afford any tools available) Tracer Audio Forensics.
* Easy to use, free technical phone and email support.
* New! Big Click Filter Most impulsive filters are limited in size for the clicks they can repair...DC EIGHT has
   improved our predictive algorithms,so you can repair huge clicks with relative ease.
* New! Direct Spectrum Editing.
* New! Subharmonic And Overtone Synthesis Create lifelike new high end and low end.
* New! Tune Librarian Multi-Filter Now you can even improve your material prior to processing it through DC EIGHT.
* BurnBesides standard audio disc burning, added data DVD to the burning support.
* EZ Clean One click noise reduction, a powerful new automated system that seeks and destroys clicks, pops, hiss,
   hum and other disturbances common to older recordings.
* CD Ripping.  Select any number of the files from a CD and transfer immediately to wave audio.
* Adaptive Filtering Added To Continuous Noise Filter.
* No Time Limits. The wave file format has a 2 gigabyte limit.  DC Eight has a nifty way of working around it.
  You get your whole recording...just split into several files.
* Fat Bass will build up weak or inadequate bass lines.

Price: $159.00

 Order Here

DC EIGHT / Rek-O-Kut Professional Moving Magnet Premplifier MKII Bundle.
See this high quality preamp in our "Electronics" section.
You may need a preamp to  boost and properly condition the output of you preamp for use with either you newer hifi receiver, which may not have a phono input, or with your computer's sound card.
Only $199.00
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