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tt_small.GIF (20396 bytes)Esoteric Sound was founded because of the decreasing number of manufacturers providing specialty products in audio processing, and especially the waning number of quality turntables oriented towards vintage records.  Such products are still required for archiving purposes.  We almost exclusively are producers of turntables capable of playing 16 inch broadcast transcription records.

We specialize in high performance audio equipment used for the reproduction of vintage recordings and in the restoration of such recordings.  We can offer advice & one-stop shopping.  We have sold our products to the major national archives and libraries of many countries, and record companies large and small.   We market most of our products directly from our Wheaton, Illinois location to the end users.

Well...as you can see, our company was built out of need.  The need for unique, limited edition devices such as our professional noise reduction units.  But, we didn't forget the average person!  We are also now providing more affordable "entry level" units for the hobbyist.  Cruise our site and you will experience the best in specialty audio products.  We do not design nor sell products that do not have scientific basis.  Thus, we have no $500.00 power line cords nor spikes to stick under you CD player.  Our interconnects are 1/3 the price of our "mumbo-jumbo" competitors.

To place an order or to request literature, write to Esoteric Sound, 1608 Hemstock Ave., Wheaton, IL. 60189.  We can accept payment Pre-Paid via Money Order,  PAYPAL,  VISA or C.O.D.  We typically ship via FEDEX or UPS, but will ship via any reasonable means upon special request. Shipping charges for outside of-USA vary considerably. Please write for specifics. 

  • To telephone or fax us, contact us via our Phone/FAX at: (630) 933-9801.  If you get a message when Faxing, punch #, then 99. 
  • You can E-Mail us at "esoterictt@aol.com".
  • We now take VISA/MC/Discovery and Pay Pal.

For more details on making a purchase click here.

We have sold vintage records via auction for nearly 10 years.  Included are 78's, LP's, broadcast transcriptions, pre-recorded tapes, pamphlets, catalogues and books, and miscellaneous audio gear.  Because most items are one of a kind, outright sale becomes a nightmare of refunds and second choices.  Our response is usually quick.   The minimum bids are usually quite low, and take about one-third of all winnings.   If you would like to be included on the mailing list please let us know.  For the most recent catalogue, CLICK HERE.


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Below is a simple "map" showing the categories, and sub categories, of  products and services that we offer at Esoteric Sound.  You are able to navigate our site via the Nav bars on top of the pages (like the chapters of a book) and then click down the left side Nav bar for the various topics under each of these chapters.sitemap.jpg (13077 bytes)

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Below are some of our magazine reviews on various products. Because of the uniqueness, the performance, and the quality of our products, we have often received lavishing comments from the press.  Read below about some of these stories!
RONDINE 3 TURNTABLE DAGOGO on-line magazine, 2010 - Complete and detailed review of our flagship turntable.
RONDINE 3 TURNTABLE AUDIO AUDITION on-line magazine, 2010 - Complete and detailed review of our flagship turntable.
VINTAGE TURNTABLE APM MAGAZINE,  1985 - Remarkably elegant overview of the Vintage table and the 78 RPM record player.
SURFACE NOISE REDUCER AUDIO IDEAS GUIDE - This is a super review of the  SNR and good application ideas.
CEDAR NOISE REDUCTION MIX MAGAZINE, George Petersen reviews CEDAR noise reduction units
SUPERCONNECTOR The Audio Critic, Summer/Fall 2003 issue review by Ivan Berger.
MK II PREAMP DAGOGO on-line audiophile magazine, Sept 2011 review by Phillip Holmes
MK IV PREAMP WIFIHIFI Celebrating the Busisness of Digital
RE-EQUALIZER STEREOPHILE MAGAZINE , January 2009 review by Art Dudley in America's leading hifi magazine.
RE-EQUALIZER ENJOY THE MUSIC, on-line audiophile magazine review of latest version of Re-Equalizer by Jeff Rabin.
RE-EQUALIZER The GRAMOPHONE MAGAZINE, June 1986 review by John Borwick in Britain's prestigious hifi magazine.
RE-EQUALIZER DAGOGO on-line audiophile magazine, Sept 2011 review by Phillip Holmes
RE-EQUALIZER AUDIO MAGAZINE, November 1985 - Simply an outstanding review of this product.

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Below are a collection of  links to audio related Internet sites that we  recommend for vintage radio, records, Hi-Fi tube type, home theater and other sites that we hope you find interesting.   - enjoy!

  • A Brown Sound - Speaker Repair.

  • Ancient Sound Restore - a Singapore based company specializing in sound restoration and Chinese music.
  • Antique Audio - Replacement parts for you old or vintage hifi.  "The king of controls."
  • Apollo Masters Corp. - Supplier of cutting styli and acetate blanks for disc cutting machines.
  • Audacity - Free digital audio editing software for your computer.
  • Audiophile Club of Athens - This site is for anybody who is interested in Hi-End Hi-Fi Equipment for analogue reproduction. You will find reviews on equipment and records. Dozens of pictures of unusual Turntables, articles on complete home Hi-End Hi-Fi analogue systems. This is a must visit site!!  
  • Audio Critic - The last great audiophile magazine in the USA from Peter Aczel.  Unfortunately, an on-line only shell of its former self, but still worth a read.   No BS, just science and engineering.
  • Audio Ideas Guide - The Audio Ideas Guide is Canada's foremost high end audio and home theater publication.
  • Audiotools - Welcome to audiotools.com, the Internet's premier source of dubious information, suspect advise and Uncle Technology on all kinds of hi-fi and audio equipment.
  • Association for Recorded Sound Collections
  • Audio World - Since 1996, AudioWorld Online has provided daily news summaries, features, and the Web's biggest and most detailed directory of audio-related sites and links.
  • Bags Unlimited - Record storage and protection.
  • Boswell Sisters Project - Check out a project to document the great Jazz/Blues trio of the 1930's
  • Bob's Blues & Jazz Mart - Your 1st Choice for LPs, 78s, and CDs. The owner, a former record  producer, knows jazz and blues like the back of his hand.  Fair prices.  Highly recommended.  a go-to when visiting Chicago.
  • David Susilo Uncensored - On-line, independent reviewer of audio and video products by CEDIA trainer.
  • High End Audio Community - High-End audio component reviews, audio equipment discussions, audiophile systems, record and music recommendations.
  • Kiddie Record King - Great resource for 78 rpm childrens' records from the past.
  • Milt Rosenberg Interviews - This show on WGN Radio for 40 years was replaced with "Happy Talk." BBC-quality, and then some, was replaced with garbage.  Milt is back with his on-line show.
  • Shuster Sound - Repair restoration of pro and consumer tape decks, and Technics SP15, etc, direct drive turntables..
  • South Street Service - Repair and parts of record changers by an experienced expert.
  • Speakeasy Archives - Vintage radio & television from original sources.  Also, film to digital transfer and sound restoration services.
  • Tangerine Mastering - State of the art mastering studio, able to faithfully restore vintage recordings
  • Record Play Compensation - A compellation of various suggested record play settings.
  • Swingmusic.net - a new twist on Big Band and Swing Music.
  • TV Cables Co. - TV Cables Audio Cables Video cables HDMI Cables DVI cables Home Cinema & Hi-Fi from the UK premier cable supplier.
  • VDN OTL Technology - a Croatia-based manufacturer of high quality output transformerless audio amplifiers.
  • The Voice Of Music - specializing in restoration of your vintage audio gear, pinch rollers, idlers, etc.
  • West-Tech Services - Specializing in vintage cartridges, disc cutters, restoration of old phonographs.